Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to embark on your new journey? If you’re feeling doubts about whether or not to hire a professional, H & T Moving - Tarzana, your local moving service, is here to offer the most complete FAQ, filled with questions we’ve received throughout our years of service in Tarzana, CA.

When is the best time to move?

Summer is unquestionably a good season to relocate if you want the best weather and maximum comfort. Moving during the off-peak season is advised if you want to get the greatest deal on your relocation, while winter is the off-peak time for relocating. Contact our company to inquire more about when could be the best time to move.

When should I hire a professional?

Hire a moving company at least a few months in advance to ensure that you can obtain the best pricing and reliable movers.

How long does a move typically take?

It depends. The time required to complete your move depends on a variety of things, such as the size of your inventory in need of relocation, the distance, the weather, etc. Speak to our residential moving professionals to revise the timetables for the time it takes to move.

What kind of services do you provide?

You may anticipate a variety of services for both commercial and residential customers, from moving, planning, and packing to transporting and unloading your possessions at your new home. Contact your mover and go through all the specifics if you have any unique requirements.

Are your experts equipped with the needed equipment?

Yes, our commercial and residential moving service firm offers all the equipment, resources, and tools required for a secure move. However, if you decide to pack everything yourself, you’ll need to get the supplies or you may buy them from trusted movers.

Do I have to be present when my items are being picked up or dropped off?

It basically comes down to your judgment. There will always be someone to oversee things, as you may already be aware. Their responsibility is to take over and manage the whole transfer. However, you are more than welcome to stay and provide detailed directions for the packaging and handling.

Why contract your company?

Even though most individuals would do anything to reduce their moving costs, your safety and the security of your belongings should always come first. With our moving service, you will save a ton of time and stress while we manage your move. In this manner, you can just rest knowing that an expert long-distance moving company will handle everything for you.

Are there any discounts or specials?

We offer discounts for students and seniors, as well as discounts on the invoice total for any move over 3 hours, and a referral bonus for any existing customers that can refer someone! Contact us today to inquire about our discounts and specials!

Have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our company today at (818) 276-6307 for more information regarding our services and what we can do for you. H & T Moving - Tarzana proudly operates in Tarzana, CA and is ready to help you lessen the worry about moving. You can rest assured that our team will deliver impeccable results that’ll help you enjoy this important moment in your life!

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